Fill your life with ART!

Starting from the weekend of the 02.07 we are happy to introduce a new format of a HAZEGALLERY project - ART SHOWROOM, SUMMER EDITION.

On the 2nd of July, we will be working as a «collector's home» for two months and for this time we will represent the works of our artists in the natural environment.

HAZEHALLERY, will work as a salon as in the XIX century, and will become a friendly space for dialogs with curators, artists, and inspired buyers and art lovers. It will be a place for art, where each visitor will be able to see and buy artworks, discuss the artists recent works, contemporary art and ask about all the interesting details. We will try to reconstruct a realistic contemporary art collector flat interior, as we believe that before buying our visitors have to understand how a canvas or object will look like in a real house, not on the walls in a white cube.

All the works in our gallery have a checked provenance and original signatures. We understand that people that love art have different needs and possibilities, so we collect artworks from different countries, artists, stylistics, and a range of prices.

In HAZEGALLERY you can buy porcelain sculptures by Ming Lu and Kristina Okan, oils and acryl on canvas by Kleber Cianni, Lasha Tchrelashvili, Irina Drozd, and prints and photos by Victoria Rosenman and many more.

But we have one thing that is constant and yoh can rely on — high quality of the works as we select the best artists and their works for you.

We hope that art will find its way into any house and any heart because our differences is our beauty and our inspiration.

So do fill your life with original art with only with HAZEGALLERY