Mathias Escotto Gadea


Visual artist and photographer. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts Institute of UDELAR and the Torres García School in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied at the Photography Center and Uruguay´s Photo Club. He has participated in numerous seminars, workshops, and panels on photography and history in Latin America and Europe.


He has developed several photographic projects. He was co-author of the ESTADA Photographic book, published by the Uruguay Photography Center (CdF) in 2015; co-curator in the photographic exhibition on international cooperation in Uruguay 2018; author and exhibitor at the Montevideo Photography Festival between 2016 and 2017 and member of VIVENCIAS photographic book published by CdF.


During his studies at the Torres García school (2018/2019), he developed the series ah! 4; a work of more than 40 sheets in A4 size where the author goes through theory and composition of color.


[VoDMA] Von Der Mitte Aus is a work conceived from abstract and constructivist painting, made during 2020, in a pandemic crisis. Von Der Mitte Aus, Desde el Medio in Spanish, the artist seeks to collect the contributions of Torres García, Gurvich, Kandinsky, merging the narrative of Michael Ofray and his theory of travel and movement. From the geographical location and the author's own location at the time of doing the work to creating non-artistic places.VoDMA estuvo en exposición virtual en Londres en The Holy Art Gallery.  


Gespräche and Abfhart. About Gespräche: the year has set the pace for conversations. Conversations on social media, platforms, virtual forums, conferences have accelerated, creating a buzz on a global scale. However, how necessary are conversations between people? Physical conversations create new spaces that exist out of the need to converse. Gespräche is a painting project that traces the forms of these conversations, those that did not exist and those created by the global buzz. About: Abfahrt, 2021; a project that fuses acrylic on canvas with digital intervention. Exit as an extension of the imagination, subjective, towards those spaces that give air or contribute to the amplification of the human being.


Gespräche and Abfahrt have been selected by Casa de América, an organization in Madrid for their art on the web initiative. Pieces from both works have been selected by FLAMANTES book, an art collective in Madrid. The book will be published in July with circulation to more than 2000 art galleries.


He is currently working on the work DESMEDIR (2021). The work at the moment will be the artist´s largest in size and quantity. About DESMEDIR: Experimentation and discovery; nature; landscapes, horizons, and places to inhabit. Discover color palettes, painting techniques, and places traveled in the near past. Height, earth, darkness, light; horizon and proximity; rough and winding; wide and unknown. Drop to catch. Catch for more.



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