Marlena Machnio @marlenamachnio


Marlena Machnio – a Polish contemporary collage artist.

Starting from 2012 creating digital collages focused on fashion, transferred into the analog collage creating and Op-art painting.

 The main motifs appearing in her works are motifs taken from pop culture, deconstructed archival photographs, and colorful three-dimensional effect backgrounds.

She is creating sensitive compositions based on showing human emotions.

The artist draws inspiration from Art itself. Numerous trips to the most important museums and exhibitions give a main material for her work. For the last few years her works were published in many European Art and fashion magazines.




Artist Statment 


My creative activity is based on the need to combine fashion with art. I can not imagine my life without browsing beautifully designed magazines with the smell of printing ink. They inspire me in terms of visual content and the structure of the paper. I consciously use the way of cutting out elements and that's what shapes my surreal collages. - as she writes in the artistic statement. - I'm inspired by order. The real order of visited places, here in Poland, but first and foremost in Paris. The aesthetics of boutiques, museums, and the city itself influences how I perceive reality, which I picture. - Machnio confesses - I'm not interested in creating ordinary things, but on the other hand, I reach for images that I have at hand. Increasingly, I also decide to acquire archival artifacts from bizarre marketplaces or provincial bazaars. 




Publications in Media:



Jan. 2019 - article

Artluk – Publication in a Polish art magazine

Mar. 2019

Targi Sztuki Dostępnej ( An accesible art fair) – Participation in Art Fair

Art Fresh Festival – Participation in Art Fair – HomeMag article

Purplehaze magazine – Publication in Fashion and art magazine

Slevin magazine – Publication in culture, art, music, and fashion magazine


Konik – Publication in Polish art content website

May 2019

Murze Mag – Article in art magazine

Jun. 2019

Exclamation Magazine – Publication in the art magazine  

Jul. 2019

Feroce Magazine – Article in a magazine for independent artists

Feb. 2020

Haze Gallery in Berlin -Haze Residents 001 exhibition – Participation in the group exhibition



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