Marlena Machnio @marlenamachnio


She designed an alternative, unique two-dimensional reality and transformed it into a series of clothes for the American brand VIDA. What is more, she has started a cooperation with a Spanish photographer Ivan Clemente this year. Her activities are connected with the need to update the achievements of avant-garde collage creators and with the idea of designing professional artistic "mood boards". 


Since she started her professional career, Marlena Machnio has developed many creative activities very dynamically. A visual artist links elements taken from beautiful journals: fashion stylizations, celebrity images and exclusive interiors and reorganizes them in a specific aesthetic order. Due to the fact that: Machnio deliberately creates sugary visions, they are about to highlight both artificiality and unreal beauty each time with the help of advertising and marketing strategies. Compositions which are available on her website, have been created somewhere between the freelance orders, for pleasure and internal reflection.


- My creative activity is based on the need to combine fashion with art. I can not imagine my life without browsing beautifully designed magazines with the smell of printing ink. They inspire me in terms of visual content and the structure of paper. I consciously use the way of cutting out elements and that's what shapes my surreal collages. - as she writes in artistic statement. - I'm inspired by order. The real order of visited places, here in Poland, but first and foremost in Paris. The aesthetics of boutiques, museums and the city itself influences on how I perceive reality, which I picture. - Machnio confesses - I'm not interested in creating ordinary things, but on the other hand I reach for images that I have at hand. Increasingly, I also decide to acquire archival artefacts from bizarre marketplaces or provincial bazaars.