Marina WitteMann


Marina WitteMann was born in 1984 in Moscow, Russia. Synaesthete. 


Marina exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, South America and Asia, including the Brazil, UK and China.


Marina graduated from the Faculty of Law (2005) and worked in the auto business for ten years. After a dramatic change in 2013, Marina started her Fine Arts degree at Moscow State Academic Art Institute, named after V.I. Surikov in Russia. 


In 2015 she completed an Exchange Program in São Paulo, Brazil at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP University). 


In 2017 she learned Traditional Chinese painting, Calligraphy and Metaphysics in Shanghai, China. 


Since 2019, the artist lives and works in Germany. Parallel she practices sculpture and continues researching for her practice at the University for the Creative Arts - Open College of the Arts (England).


Artist statement


My work engages with the perception of the surrounding world. From early childhood, emotional events, music, smells, tastes, or even people were characterized not by one sense but several. My sensations emanating from one sense organ are also manifested in another, for example, seeing music or pain in colour, or feeling the shape of cold. It is called synaesthesia. 


In my works, I contrast sculpture to painting, abstract to realism, paper for drawing to canvas for painting, the action of making to statistics of a ready object, spiritual to physical. In this way, the works are perceived not from one sense but in the co-existence of different elements. It is not a sculpture or a painting, it is a mixture of the mediums that intend to stimulate complex emotion and experience.




2017     General Consulate of the Russian Federation – Shanghai, China




2021    Artsy Mood, Boomer Gallery, London, UK

2021    Oblivion, virtual exhibition, The Holy Art, London, UK

2018     Love Hatred Separation Artree Space Shanghai, China

2016    Participant of the 48th annual Art Exhibition Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP Sao Paulo, Brazil



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