Marina Lioubaskina @lioubaskina


Marina was born 30 May 1960 in Uzbekistan

She lives and works in Berlin, 


1979-87 studied at the School for Fine Art in Kaliningrad and at the Faculty for Fine Art at the Pedagogical University in St. Petersburg, Russia




Projects (selection):


- “Magnetiseur”, Exhibition, Kunstmuseum, Kaliningrad, Russia

- “Residents 001”, Exhibition, HAZE Gallery, Berlin

- “Liebe, Literatur, Leinwand”, Event, HAZE Gallery, Berl

- Object for Reichstag (bought by Art commission of Reichstag)

- «2» -Exhibition (with V.Sorokin) , Berlin,

- «Genskoe NANO», 4 Biennale of modern art, Moscow, Russia

- GendART, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

- Photo festival « Fashion and style »,  Moscow Haus of Photo, Moscow, Russia

- 3 Biennale of modern art, Museum RGGU, Moscow, Russia

- Festival « Street of truth » (with V. Sorokin, P. Mamonov, A- Petljura, G. Vinogradov), Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany

- «The Russian Ballet » (organised-Russan Museum, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia), Caserma Cosenz, Gaeta, Italy

- «Adventure of black square », Russian Museum, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

- «Actual drowing », Russian Museum, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

- Biennale of modern Art, Moscow

- “Vom rotten Stern zur blauen Kuppel”, IFA-Gallery, Stuttgart, Berlin

- “NA KOURORT”, State Gallery, Baden-Baden

- “Attention, religion!”, Sacharov Centre, Moscow

- “PARADIES”, Berlin

- Women-Artists in Russia, 15 st-21 st Centuries, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow



Collections and prices:


2020 MMOMA, Moscow, Russia

2009 MAMM, Moscow, Russia

2009 State Library, Berlin, Germany

2006 MINT Museum of Art in Charlotte, North Carolina; USA

2006 Museum of Modern Art, Skopie, Macedonia

2005 Art Collection of Reichstag (Bundestag), Berlin, Germany

2000 Art collection of Heimat Museum, Schollene, Germany

1999 Cultural Center, Differdang, Luxemburg

Private collections




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