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Kirill Gera Arkadyev, born in 1983, is an artist/graphic artist.

He was born in Moldova, grew up in Kazakhstan, currently lives and works in Moscow.

He has devoted more than 15 years to the fine arts. The main thing for him was to find his own unique style in the art. He has been interested in working with multi-meanings, riddles.

Accordingly, he began to strive for this.

Many works contain several levels of understanding (symbolism), and depending on the viewer's desire, everyone can see an interesting/readable part for him.

He has been exhibiting since 2007 in Russia, Italy, Holland, South Korea, Armenia, Cuba, Serbia. He is an active member of the Eurasian Union of Artists.

Works are in private collections and museums:

UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Cuba, Matanzas);

IEC “Museum Mods” (Gostiny Dvor, Moscow).




First of all, in my art, I explore human nature. Thoughts, feelings, and reactions of a person to the issue I have chosen. Sometimes, this statement can be about a particular feeling or a set of feelings. I independently studied psychology (based on the works of L. S. Vygotsky) and was particularly interested in nonverbal psychology. This is how I started my career as an artist by trying to portray reactions artistically.

I chose symbolism, surrealism, and avant-garde as the main tools, a kind of foundation on which I tried to create my own unique style. And mostly graphics, because I like its accuracy. Also, I am somewhat excited about the irremediability of the graphics. In contrast to painting, in graphic work (thought out storyline and figuratively), there are moments where I can make an irreparable mistake.  So every work, for me, is to some extent a risk, a game of fragility.

Often, one of the tools I choose is a gel pen. Because with it, you can create a texture in the spots that I paint over. The direction of the stroke, the grooves on the paper all have a compositional meaning. Unfortunately, this can only be seen live. The photo does not convey this well.

I strive to ensure that the viewer can follow the composition inside the work to attract him and create movement. For example, in the work "Dances of the Spirit," the composition leads the viewer from the lower-left corner directly to the upper right, then collapses down and smoothly returns to the beginning.


To sum up, I try to dissect the emotionality of people with my work and make sure that each work is not unambiguous in its meaning so that the viewer can repeatedly re-open it and enjoy these discoveries.

Exhibitions/ rewards;


Winner of the international exhibition - competition "International Festival of Abstraction Art," the work "A lifelines barcode" takes 2nd place in the section "Conceptualism," category-professional, St. Petersburg 2020


The work «A lifelines barcode» won 2nd place in the International competition "GO! NEW YORK! ", Rose Gallery, 2019


Winner of the international exhibition - competition "St. Petersburg art week," the work "Memory of the tree" takes 1st place in the section "Experimental graphics," category-professional, St. Petersburg 2019


Participation in the International Exhibition "Visionary Art," Belgrade, Serbia 2019


Participation in the exhibition "Russian Art Park," “PRIMAVERA” in Renaissance Moscow Hotel, Moscow 2019


The work «Self-reproach» won 3rd place in the category "Abstract and Expressionism" in "WORLD ART: SEPT 2018 - SEPT 2019 AWARDS OF AMERICAN ART", USA 2018


Participation in the international exhibition «Artexpo Autumn Rome 2018» «Domus Romana Art Gallery,» Rome (Italy) 2018


Participation in the exhibition "Russian Art-Park," "SPORT and FASHION" exhibition center "Fashion Museum," Moscow (Russia) 2018


Participation in the exhibition "Russian Art Park "We are responsible for the fact that we pulled" Krasnodar (Russia) 2018 


Participation in the international exhibition "ARvesT Expo'18" Yerevan (Armenia) 2018 


Participation in the exhibition in Cuba "Russian Art Park" / Sisters of Cuba 2018


The work "Anatomy of contemplation" becomes part of the collection of the national cultural Fund of Cuba (UNEAC) 2018 


Participation and the winner (in the Graphics section) in the exhibition "Russian Art Park" / La Revolucion, Havana (Cuba) 2018


Participation in the exhibition "Russian Art Park" Moscow (Russia)  2017


Participation in the exhibition "Windows in Art Russia", Central House of Artists, Moscow (Russia) 2015


Exhibition at the "Red October" Performa @ I VANT Moscow (Russia) 2012


Organization/participation in the exhibition "Travelers of the Worlds - Tunnel", Moscow, on the territory of the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" Business complex "Federation" Moscow (Russia)  2011

Organization/participation in the exhibition "Sky # 37", Moscow, on the territory of the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City",

Business Complex "Federation", 37th floor, Moscow (Russia) 2011


Organization and participation in the festival of the author's cinema "PESOchnitsa", Moscow (Russia) 2010

Exhibition - the opening of the club "ART CONTACTS" Moscow (Russia) 2010


Personal exhibition in the gallery at the "International University", Moscow (Russia) 2009


International exhibition project in cooperation with Sergey Portenkov "At that end of the wire ", Moscow, State Exhibition Hall" Gallery XXI Century " the All-Moscow artistic action "Night at the Museum", Moscow (Russia) 2009


Personal exhibition in the State Exhibition Hall "Gallery on Peschanaya", Moscow (Russia) 2008

Participation in the exhibition "QuickPics", St. Petersburg (Russia) 2008



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