Ekaterina Nikolaeva @katya_warped


Photographer Ekaterina Nikolaeva aka Katya Warped. Born in Cheboksary in 1989. Graduated from the Faculty of Interior Designer (Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University) in 2011. Ekaterina took up studio photography at the age of 21. She started working in PhotoStudio as a staff photographer, but since 2012 she has been developing her creative vision on a freelance basis.

In 2013 Ekaterina had her first personal photo exhibition
NeVistavka in the city of Cheboksary. Co-organized 4 large-scale creative workshops (2015-2017) and MODEL INTENSIVE projects for young emerging models (2016-2019). Took part in the FOTOGAME international photo contest (2015). Ekaterina’s works
have been published in both foreign and Russian magazines: e.g., PURPLEHAZE, The Forest Magazine, Elléments Magazine, Cabinet de l’ART, En Vie, HUF Magazine, Feroce Magazine, Like a Lion, intelligence magazine,  MIRAGE Magazine, Obscurae and etc.


The photographer took part in the Fashion Prints Exhibition (2019) in Berlin. Ekaterina loves mixing several styles and genres, giving preference to thematic shoots with thoughtful images. Over the years, the artist has formed a good team – together, they do creative projects from the very heart.



2021 Solo 3D Exhibition "The Golden Fish", Haze Gallery, Berlin
2019 HAZERESIDENTS 001, Haze Gallery, Berlin
2019 Fashion Prints Exhibition, Berlin
2013 First personal photo exhibition "NeVistavka", Center for Contemporary Art, Cheboksary.


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