Katia Belmadani @uncertain.regard


Katia Belmadani is a Belgian photographer that has traveled near and far, exploring uncharted terrain to help tell stories that matter.  A wanderer of the world, she’s lived in many places but is now settled in Berlin. Growing up in Flanders, she has always been intrigued by nuance and the complicated layers in each of us. The duality of these multifaceted beings is what attracts her to her subjects. Magritte was an example of one of those artists she encountered very young and was the first one that challenged her.


Living in Paris, she was inspired by directors who broke cinema's traditional barriers and formed an aesthetic of their own, specifically French Nouvelle vague directors.


Like her influences, she is looking for an alternative road to understanding the human condition better while exploring the absurdities of our ever-changing world. They remind her to always look for the rebel in herself and our place in life, no matter where the universe guides us.


Her photography has been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Observer, amongst others. Last summer, she was also featured in two group exhibitions in Rome.




I am deeply committed to telling you the story of what lies beneath empty spaces and the places I encounter. “The eyes look for truth beyond words” is a recurrent theme in my photography. The only way for me to process the world we currently live in was to seek answers outside of our existence. 


I captured Berlin’s hope in the darkness through the powerful language of color.  I always strive to dig deeper, as there is always an element of surprise that you wouldn’t expect but is there, waiting to be found and captured. I aim to collect little notes of beauty around me, which eventually translates into a story.


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