Jalinka Gressmann @jalinka_gressmann


Jalinka is a Visual Artist based on planet Earth, with a background in commercial creative studies (Cibap, Zwolle 1996), 3D design, and Sculpture (HKU, Utrecht 1998). She graduated in Fine Art – Intermedia in 2004 from the University of the Arts Utrecht.

Gressmann’s art is a spontaneous manifestation of her visions, perpetually developing in experimental and playful ways. 

The results can be seen in surreal collage, (self) portrait collages, mixed-media photography, drawings, assemblages & diverse, interactive, creative workshops for all ages.

She is Art ambassador of the Amazon Aid Foundation & Stichting Melanoom (NL)

She regularly exhibits in Galeries & Cultural Places and was Artist in Residence in Portugal (Moinhos do Dão, 2015) en Brazil (Pachamama Atelier, 2017-2018).



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