Gunel Ravilova 


Born in the spring of 1981, on 13th March, in Baku, Gunel Ravilova grew up in a cosmopolitan environment in the supportive family of artists, consisting of her mother - Mastanova Fatma-1955, her father Mastanov Azer, who was born in 1954 and passed away in 2010 and her grandfather- Areshref Mammadov.

She has successfully completed high school, after that she graduated from Financial and Economic College (Accounting and Audit) and Diplomatic University (International Law).


She has attended different training courses on Graphic Arts and Painting. Her parents, who taught her basics and the initial knowledge of painting and graphics, had a great influence on Gunel. They always cherished her and tried to support and motivate Gunel since the early childhood. She took painting lessons in a home studio from her parents- artists. This gave her further confidence in her artistic potential and convinced her to move ahead.


Since early childhood, when she was 3-4 years old, Gunel participated in various exhibitions and art programs. Her first personal exhibition was held when Gunelstudied at primary school.


In 2009 she became a member of the Union of Young Artists of Azerbaijan. Since 2011 she has been a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan (the Painting section). Since 2014 she has become a member of the Association of International Artists-Activists . Since 2016 Gunel has been a member of “SIMURG” the Creative Association of the Union of Creative People.


Since 1998 to current, Gunel has successfully participated in many exhibitions. She also was awarded the first place at the Exhibition called “Violence against women”.

Her eye catching paintings exposed at various exhibitions were awarded the first places, gained a lot of honored prizes and diplomas.


Gunel work was awarded with the first place diploma at the contest called “Paint Your Scarf", arranged by the Menzer Hajiyeva Fashion House.

Gunel has exhibited in both private galleries and museums located in different foreign countries, her works are also available in private collections, and after the World Art Games organization’s exhibition held in Croatia as well.


Gunel first exhibited her paintings in her home city- Baku. As word of her works spread, she found herself invited to exhibit in various foreign cities and countries, such as Turkey, Italy, Latvia (Riga), Austria, France (Paris), Australia, Mexico and so on. Gunel continued to exhibit not only in Azerbaijan, but in some foreign countries as well.

In 2014 her work called "Artletka" participated in an exhibition held in Palermo(Italy) and Paris (France).


An exhibition called "Races", dedicated to tolerance, was held in Austria, in 2015. Gunel’s painting was awarded the prize.

Gunel is proud of having pleasure to participate in three exhibitions that have been arranged in Louvre museum in Paris within last years. In 2016 Gunel’s works were exhibited on “The Nariman Narimanov” metro station (Baku). Currently Gunel is an artist and artist on accessories.


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