Group exhibition “GIVE ART A CHANCE”
Vernissage 01.04 from 7pm
Exhibition dates 02.04 - 03.04 from 11 am - 4pm

We live in a big and amazing world, a world full of different cultures, languages, and people. Most of the beautiful things that we see every day are beautiful because they are not similar, they are unique.
In all times people found inspiration in art and culture. This part of our lives is like a stronghold of constancy, like a ray of light for our minds. The light that helps us to stay brave and humanity, to not go crazy.
Today we can’t stay away from the whole world and we want to continue working with all artists from many countries around the world.
The Project Give Art a Chance is our way to try to unite people and show that we are all humans and we all want to live in peace. In this exhibition, you can see many works from different artists who work in various techniques and with different themes. But all of them are discussing with viewers in a peaceful tone and reflecting on the situation, about humanity.
2022 year will stay in our memory as a cruel and hard year, a year of civil and human tragedy. Now, then the whole world is in agony, then people are losing their homes, families we can't stay aside.

As we know artists are very sensitive people and we want to take a chance for them to say what they are thinking about, what they are feeling.

Irina Rusinovich @irinarusinovich.art : “As a curator and a gallerist, I see that art is now in a difficult situation. Many artists don't understand what they can do and how they can help. But they won't help and they want to be heard by society. This project is important for us because it’s about our connections and maintaining ties between us, about preserving our inner worlds that we should save for a better future.”

Dusia Sobol, Fine Art Photographer, Curator @dusiasobol : “ We don’t separate Ukrainian, German, Russian artists because we’re sure, that first of all we are alive humans and we want to stay humans — be brave against the current events, help ourselves and stay strong in this confrontation.”