Eva Ludwig was so fascinated by surreal painting as a young child that she began teaching herself oil painting at the age of six. Since then, she has never stopped being creative.


After graduating from high school, she trained as a dance teacher and took additional courses in dance sports, jazz dance, and tap dance. As a dance teacher in Augsburg and Bonn, she created stage designs, sculptures, and installations for shows.


After she finished her career as a dance teacher, she started to study philosophy and oriented herself into the media industry. Numerous professional training in directing, camerawork, and postproduction followed.


Today she works as a professional video producer, fine art artist, and video artist in Bonn.



- Solo exhibition cultural center, Bonn 2016

- Participation in the art fair CheapArtDeluxe, Bonn 2017

- Solo exhibition cultural center, Dortmund 2018

- Participation in the art fair CheapArtDeluxe, Bonn 2018

- Participation in the Swissartexpo, Zurich 2019

- Participation in the Art Basel Art Weeks Miami, 2019

- Participation in the group exhibition "Behind the Colors," Gallery Azaro Art Space, Hamburg 2020

- Participation in the Swissartexpo, Zurich 2020

- Participation in the group exhibition "IDENTITY," The Holy Art Gallery, London 2021

- Participation in 1st International Video Art Festival "My Style," 2021

- Participation in the group screening of the Bomba Video Club, Moscow

Artist Statement:


Each is his own universe. No one really knows about the other, and they can neither see through the other's eyes nor think through the other's brain. We are divided by an inner and outer reality.


I am interested in the correlation between these two worlds. In this, the surreal is not only the greatest fascination for me but also a kind of glue that holds both worlds together. The narrative in my painting is, in this context, a kind of inner snapshot translated into color. A psychological landscape that I wish the viewer to be inspired by.


I am anything but a spontaneous, impulsive artist. My paintings and video projects are always the results of much thought and planning, often based on free chains of association.


My forms of expression include oil painting as well as video art. Both constantly cross-fertilize each other.


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