Elena Fuks is an artist, illustrator and (graphic) designer working under the pseudonym LENTOV. She was born in 1993 in Moscow, currently located in Barcelona. She started her artistic career in 2009. For now, Elena had 6 personal exhibitions and participated in 16 common exhibitions including the exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Lisboa, Moscow, Venice, etc. She worked with such brands and companies like Adidas Originals, Jo Malone, Rambler, Bunge Iberica and many others. Now Elena works like an independent professional artist in the sphere of art and design.



Artist Statement
“My artworks are a combination of my thoughts, dreams, surroundings, people I see,
stories I hear, feelings I have inside. Each artwork is a short story about me and a part of
my inner world. To make art for me is to record something you can only feel in a visual
way that gives you an opportunity to see and touch this feeling.”



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