Ekaterina Popchenko 


Born in Moscow, 1995

live and work in Moscow.
In 2020, she graduated from the Stroganov academy, currently studying at the Rodchenko school.

The works tell about the feeling of a person in society, in nature, in the surrounding world, about his relationship with himself. I work with topics of everyday life, ecology and the Anthropocene, human expansion into the natural environment and its negative consequences.
I work in various techniques: painting, sculpture, video, photography. But the main medium is painting.


Artists Statement:


I am interested in when and how mass trends are reduced in one sign. A single style is introduced into society and blurs the boundaries. Young people trying to move away from borders and everyday life to freedom and diversity . They want to become different from others, thereby merging into crowd with the same dissimilar people. They try to get away from their parents who also tried to get away from their own and froze in the surrounding standards. This is an endless circle of changing trends. The eternal conflict of generations: parents frozen in time and children trying to escape and stocking in their own patterns that they made by their own.
On the one hand, there is a desire for individuality, and on the other hand, the resumption of trends for fabricality due to the high demand for uniqueness. I want to develop this fact of fabricativeness in my works. It is the fabricativeness of , not of production. Bringing individual trends to a common denominator. The question is - what eventually becomes a template and how moving away from standards leads to the same standards.




2020-2023  Rodchenko Art School (Moscow)
2014-2020  Stroganov academy, monumental painting
2019  MMOMA, The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops  




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