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Born in Bielefeld, Germany in 1987. Dominik Plaßmann acquired his Bachelor in Fashion-Illustration in 2013. Continuing with painting and drawing until graduating in 2018. He studied at the University of Applied Science Bielefeld, Germany and at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague, Czech Republic. Short after graduating he moved to Berlin where he lives and works.





“At the same time fascinated by the human portrait I always questioned the function of norms and conventions in the society everyone has to face. Simone de Beauvoir wrote in her book Le Deuxième Sexe published in 1949 p. 72 (German edition) “The symbolism neither fell from heaven nor did it appear from the depth: it was the same as language created by human reality, what means at the same time being together and being apart.”


05/2019 (no_gap*) Gallery Im Leeren Raum, Berlin
02/2018 (.Punkt Komma –) Exhibition at the Fachhochschule in Bielefeld


11/2020 (Curves ́n ́ Forms) Haze Gallery, Berlin
09/2019 (Mann Mann Mann Mann) Gallery Im Leeren Raum, Berlin
12/2017 (Anti-Gay Law ― Japan ― Germany (§175)), University Toyama, Japan
06/2017 (Semester Ending) Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague
06/2017 (Erasmus), Holešovice, Prague
02/2017 (Draw You Inside) Galerie AMU, Prague
06/2015 (Viva Victoria) Museum Huelsmann, Bielefeld

04/2014 (Destroy the Silence) Ostbahnhof, Bielefeld


01/2019 Work for Al Ard Das Arabisch/- Deutsche Kulturmagazin
10/2014 British Illustration Magazine
11/2014 Interview (Focus on – Dominik Plassmann) Kaltblut Magazine
06/2013 Illustration in Mode Illustration by Willemina Hounderken
08/2013 Illustration in the german Madame Magazin
08/2013 selected for the V-MAG, the Magazin for the youngsters of Design, Architecture, Fashion, Photography und Art.


07/2018 Illustration for stylist Ewa Breatz
02/2017 Work for programme: (Lass mich dich erklären *zwinkerndes Gesicht) Theater Bielefeld
07/2015 Illustration for stylist Ewa Braetz
11/2015 Illustration workshop at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld
05/2014 Styleguide for Loesekann Bielefeld
11/2014 Cover Illustration for OUT! Magazine, `Jugendnetzwerks LAMBDA ev`.
11/2014 Workshop for Sunrise Dortmund



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