Daria Berg @darrberg


Daria Berg comes from an artistic background and has studied composition, light and color and anatomy in the Kustodiev Art School in St.Petersburg , moreover she has successfully accomplished the Johannson Art College affiliated with the Repin Academy of Fine Arts.  
The artist involves her art technics in creating a unique piece of art in photography. 

Daria Berg , the artist: “I fell in love with photography from the first camera shot — these feelings can not be described in words.  When I first held my camera, my hands trembled, and since then it has always been with me.  Photography aroused my interest in a lot of different things: I mastered makeup, learned how to do hair (styles), and delved into history of costume.  Very often, I make my projects from scratch, from preparing the scenery to creating clothing and jewelry.  I also stylize photography exclusively by myself.


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