Anna Priakhina @annapriakhina


Fine Art photographer.


She was born in Russia, lives, and works in Murmansk. She graduated from Murmansk State University with a degree in Applied Informatics in Economics. Anna leads IT company. Since 2005 she has taken up creative activities in photography.


Since 2019, Anna has been a resident of the Haze Gallery in Berlin, which represents the artist's interests in the market.


Since 2021 she is the curator of photography at the Center for Contemporary Art "21A", Murmansk.


She considers not only photography to be a means of expressing her inner feelings.

Anna's photographs have already been at exhibitions in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland. The first solo exhibition "And All Their Games .." at the Haze Gallery in Berlin in 2020.



With my work, I try to turn the viewer's usual idea of ​​beauty and its forms, I erase personalities, touching the essence
I am ready to go beyond. We should not be limited to any one dimension and space. After all, the main thing is to reunite with the viewer so that he or she can take away a piece of my work in him/herself



1. SUBLIMATION Arles 2019 - as part of the Voies OFF festival in Arles, France, July 2019
2.PURPLEHAZE COLOR at the Haze Gallery in Berlin, October 2019
3.SPC Photo Awards Basel, Basel (Switzerland), January 2020
4. Familiar Stranger - Collective Imagery At The Time of Mobile Photography. Exhibition from the Photographic Museum of humanity (ig: PHmuseum), Bologna, Italy, January 2020
5. HAZERESIDENT001 at the Haze Gallery in Berlin, February 2020
6. Solo virtual 3d Exhibition " And all their games .. " at the Haze Gallery in Berlin, June-July 2020
7. " Gathering of visions " an exhibition of conceptual photography at the Haze Gallery in Berlin, January 2021
8. Body-Positivity international exhibition (offline and online 3d) in Haze Gallery in Berlin, February-March 2021
9. Going East in the frame of ImageNation Paris 2021, Paris, November 2021



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